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A Message from Executive Director George Whalen

george whalanWelcome to the web-site of the RI Contractorsí Registration and Licensing Board. It is indeed an honor and privilege to be able to provide these services to the people of our great State.

Our mission is “to safeguard the consumers rights related to contracted improvements to residential property, while providing a fair and positive environment for the construction industry.”

In this endeavor, we will try to assist contractors and consumers try to settle any disputes that arise within our jurisdiction.



With passage of H-6511 many changes will be implemented shortly at the Board. Some of those changes include:

Legislative Changes 2007

  1. Board has a new name, "Contractors' Registration and Licensing Board",
  2. Scope of registration changed: ALL contractors are now required to be registered, both residential and commercial,
  3. Hearing Officer appointment does not need approval of the Director of Administration,
  4. Use of word "license" when not applicable is subject to a $100 fine, for each offense, to the registrant,
  5. Mechanics' Lien Law modified, notice required,
  6. Continuing education for residential registered contractors (5 hours) as prescribed by the Board,
  7. Affidavit is required to be signed upon registration and renewal,
  8. Picture identification card,
  9. Registration fee is increased to $200 for (2) years,
  10. Restricted Receipt Account starting July 1, 2008,
  11. Action taken on registrations when a violation is issued for hiring non-registered contractors and/or not maintaining insurance,
  12. Increased the size of the Board from (13) members to (15) members, one who shall be the president of the RI Builders Association or designee and the other by the Executive Director of the RI Association of General Contractors or designee.

Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to safeguard consumers' rights related to contracted improvements to their residential property while providing a fair and positive environment for the construction industry."

Contact us at:
1 Capitol Hill Providence, RI 02908

Phone (401) 222-1268
Fax (401) 222-1940
TDD (401) 222-6334

The information contained in these sections is not meant to provide legal advice. If you have specific questions about any matter in the above sections, you are encouraged to consult with your attorney or contact us.