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Claim Filing Instructions

Types of Claims

  • Negligent and improper work
  • Breach of contract
  • Mechanics lien is filed
  • Employee claims
  • Contractor against a subcontractor
  • Subcontractor against a contractor
  • Soil, asphalt or concrete testing: labor or material
  • Material and/or equipment supplier

Filing a Claim

  1. Complete, sign and return claim form
  2. Filing fee of $25.00 in check form, must accompany claim form.
  3. Explain possible deficiencies.
  4. Claimants are required to provide copies of all available supporting documentation required by the Commission. Said documentation shall include, but not limited to: Written contract and agreements; Invoices; Billings; Estimates, Photos, Receipts, Canceled checks, Time cards or other payroll data, Court Adjudication or binding arbitration data, Notices of counter claims by registrants.

Please refer to Section 1.5 of General Rules and Regulations for Registration, Licensing and Filing of Claims.